ifictionseriesThis is the world class application for all people following up series, reading FanFiction, Manga, Anime. It provides accessibility to our servers with data for all selected series, books etc.

If you read FanFiction, you can specify which books you are following (reading), and iFictionSeries will automatically retrieve the information for you, keep you updated with new chapter releases, as well as provide you a very easy way to annotate and rate each chapter and much more!

There is a lot of functionality – concerning FanFiction – planned to be included in the immediate future, with a lot of services provided to the users from our server. For example a special search function is provided by the application that makes it extremely easy for you to search for your favourite book type, characters, authors, ratings, reviews, matings, book status, frequency of updates etc. The relative information is regularly synchronized to our servers (from the related sites) so that you can access them in a more direct, fast, organized and user friendly way!

Similar to books, you can manage Manga and Anime that you are interested in.

If you want to keep track of the various TV Series you are following, to know in a very easy way which episodes you have watched (and which not) in each season, as well as comment on each episode and much-much more, then iFictionSeries is for you.

This is extremely useful for cable networks or internet TV when you don’t want to set time to watch an episode you already have watched, or miss an episode you thought you already watched!

The application will be published for Mac OSX, Windows, iOS (iPAD, iPhone) and Android.