Abstract business 3d illustrationiCashWizard is a very powerful cash management tool for all those who need to manage money. Whether you need to manage your home finance or several big companies, iCashWizard can prove to be an invaluable tool for you.

The application is designed to provide top class friendly user interface so that all users can enjoy its use and the many benefits it offers.

All management can be split into person(s) and companies (called entities), so that everything is primarily consolidated in one of those entities. However, all transactions can also be allocated to more than one categories, so that the user can have the best possible information of the financial data available in the system.

In addition, you can financially manage projects which can hold budget, and can be allocated (in a similar way as the categories) in each transaction. In this way you may have a detailed financial analysis for projects, using the categories infrastracture as well.

Concerning the budget, except for projects (for which the budget is individual), you can set up the budget for each category. The budget is managed monthly but you can also set it up anually, semi-anually or quartely and let the system complete the analysis to split it monthly.

Of course you can follow up and manage your credit cards, as well as loans and mortages in a very easy and transparent way. It also provides you with useful information on the benefits and costs for getting loans or buying things by credit cards, enabling the user to take highly informed decisions.

A big collection of reports and graphs can provide valuable information that you could not otherwise have access to. For example, the view of your total wealth (or part of it) and its progression over a period of time (e.g. monthly for a year) can depict if your financial management is successful or if things didn’t go so well.