Rowega is a software company that aims in developing software solutions for the international market.
Our applications are cross platform (MacOS and Windows) as well as on mobile devices (currently iOS and Android while Windows Phone 7 is to follow). What follows now is a summary of our applications.


iCashWizard is a cash management application that is a very powerful tool for everybody. Whether you are managing your home, or a number of big companies, iCashWizard can help you with your data, providing all the information you need.
It is easy to enter data, (or even import / export data if you have other applications like ERP systems), and it is even easier to have really helpful information at your fingertip whenever you need it, show you your financial progress over time, helping you make educated decisions either in your business or generally in managing your money.


Here we developed an application for all those people that read FanFiction, watch TV Series, Anime, Manga and want to have all this info organized. The application gets regularly updated information from the relative sites, and provide them to the iFictionSeries user.
If you ever found that you don't remember if you watched a specific episode (of a specific season) of a series on TV, in order to set time to watch it or record it, then this application will be a great help to you. If you read FanFiction then we consider it a must look...


iTimeSheet is an application that provides a user friendly, thorough time - cost allocation system, which is highly scalable. Whether you want to charge customers for services based on time spent / allocated, or you want to perform a cost analysis on the time allocated of your associates on various project, iTimeSheet will prove to be an invaluable tool.
You can use it as SaaS (Software as a service), the system hosted by us, and you charged according to your use of it, you can have it as a stand alone application, or install it on your intranet and have it accessible from everywhere.

iOS Applications

We have developed a series of iOS applications that will be published shortly in the AppStore. The first one which is currently for approval by Apple is "Secure-Keys", a free app that helps you keep organized all your privileged data like passwords, credit card data, contacts that you want secret etc.

Products For Greek Market

We are developing products for the Greek Market, which you can find here.